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Why should age change any of this? With MySTIP your age is no barrier. Don’t Live a Fearful Life. Experience peace of mind.

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Why we are a true life saver

MySTIP is a true life saver device that can be the only thing that matters when you have an Emergency. We provide you with a device that you wear around your neck. Whenever you need emergency assistance, all you have to do is “Press the button” on the device. MySTIP will connect you to the nearest hospital and your emergency contact automatically. You can start talking to them through the device and request the help you need like ambulance, doctor or you can ask your emergency contact to reach your home quickly etc. It all happens with "Just by a button press" and you can start experiencing "Peace of Mind".

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MySTIP team is also happy to be a supporter of the VIP movement. VIP stands for "Very Important Paper". Very often we have seen that the emergency responders are not able to start immediate medical treatment of the patients because they are not aware of the medical conditions of the patients or they don't know the emergency contacts of the patients. VIP of Life is a free service through which emergency respondents can get immediate and quick access to critical information about the patients. The “VIPofLife” is an easy and smart way to have your emergency and medical information on hand just in case of an emergency. Seniors need this more because of their dependency and medical condition.

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Anyone can be in an emergency situation anytime. It could happen to me and you anytime too? Research has proven beyond any doubt that if a patient gets appropriate medical …